Lou Pink

‘Write til your ink be dry, and with your tears

Moist it again, and frame some feeling line …’ 

– Proteus in ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona

I am a writer with a keen interest in mediaeval and early modern history. I have pinned the lines quoted above over my desk at home. Why? Because it reminds me that even Shakespeare most likely had an appreciation of the hard graft and emotional investment required of writing.

My latest labour of love is a historically-inspired adventure story –  The Book Lovers. It tells the story of a library van driver from the Highlands of Scotland and her quest to recover a missing family heirloom – an irreplaceable mediaeval book of hours – in ht hope of repairing relations with her family from whom she has become estranged. It has been inspired not only by my love of fusty old manuscripts and bookshops, but also by  Shakespeare, and some of the incredible places I’ve lived: Scotland and in particular Edinburgh Castle (and no, I’m neither deluded lunatic nor nobility), war-ravaged Bosnia, a hamlet in Oxfordshire, the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Australia.

My next work-in-progress, currently gently percolating in the dark recesses of my mind, is a fictional account of Shakespeare’s lost years.

With an MA in history from St. Andrew’s University (completed some time in the Dark Ages), and by profession an English and history teacher, perhaps it’s little wonder that my writing tends to be historically-inspired. When I’m not tracking down a piece of historical dynamite, following the distant cobbled echo of will o’ the wisp characters from history, you’ll find me at my desk writing. 

I hope you find what you’re looking for in these web pages.

May you love what you read and read what you love!

Lou x

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