This month on the RWA blog a handful of aspiring writers (myself included) try to get to grips with the thorny subject of social media. To say I am social media awkward is something of an understatement but if I’m willing to spill my guts are you willing to spill the beans?

What are your thoughts? Is there a right or wrong way of doing websites, twitter, instagram etc? What do you think is the current trend? Or the place to be heard?

I would love to know a few tricks and tips from those of you writers (most of you!) with a lot more experience at this than me. And most of all, what tips would you give to a writer who has not yet been published? Should she or he bother? How much time should we commit to this thing? Is it worthwhile or an unhealthy obsession? Please spill the beans…

Meanwhile, it might interest you to read how those us aspiring-to-be-someday-published authors are approaching social media. If I keep rubbing shoulders with the right people do you think some of this will rub off on me…?

Upcoming Famous and Fabulous Romance Authors

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