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Check out some 2019 unpublished manuscript competitions!

I thought I’d write a quick blog about competitions open for unpublished novel manuscripts in 2019, some run out of Australia, some overseas. Apart from anything else, I wanted to note them down as a means to keep them fresh in my own mind, and maybe enter a few! I have written information to the best of my knowledge at the current time, however … Read More Check out some 2019 unpublished manuscript competitions!


Flapping my wings and preparing to take flight …Nanowrimo is fast approaching

Seated on my perch (excuse the bird puns) at home, I am nervously preparing for Nanowrimo next month. It’s a tough gig. But actually I’m excited because I believe it is a great way for me to get myself over my self-editing humps and hurdles. For those of you considering whether or not to sign up, here are ten basic steps I’d recommend if you … Read More Flapping my wings and preparing to take flight …Nanowrimo is fast approaching


Takeaways from the RWA Conference in Sydney

As ever there was so much to learn and so much to take away from this year’s RWA conference. It was a great opportunity to meet up with my writing friends, be inspired by fabulous authors, have a go at pitching our own ideas and learn from industry experts. I found Alex Adsett and Joel Naoum’s session on the pros and cons of a … Read More Takeaways from the RWA Conference in Sydney



WIP or RIP? George Orwell observed, ‘Writing a book is like a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout with some painful illness.’

How true. For me (and please forgive me if you are a sensitive soul) some days it feels like gastroenteritis, I’m literally pouring the crap out, and the next it’s like passing a pineapple…


Romance Writers of Australia Conference – to attend or not to attend?

Trying to make your mind up whether or not to attend the RWA Conference this year? Early bird tickets end tomorrow (31st May)! It’s no small expense, but our blog might help you to make that decision. RWA Conference 2018 Sydney Grab your tiara or tuxedo! Look forward to seeing you there. x


Passing it on…

Personally I’ve always found Earnest Hemingway’s attitude to writing reassuring: The first draft of everything is shit.  I’m not in a position to offer writing advice confidently or with the benefit of hindsight…but nevertheless I’ve learnt a thing or two from my Upcoming Famous and Fabulous Romance Writing friends and as a group of writers, obsessed with writing and improving our craft, we’ve collectively … Read More Passing it on…


Social? Who me?

This month on the RWA blog a handful of aspiring writers (myself included) try to get to grips with the thorny subject of social media. To say I am social media awkward is something of an understatement but if I’m willing to spill my guts are you willing to spill the beans? What are your thoughts? Is there a right or wrong way of … Read More Social? Who me?


FFS – For Feedback’s Sake!

This month, in the Upcoming Romance Writers Blog we discuss critique and feedback. It would be great to hear your thoughts on the subject. Towards the end of last year I participated in an online ‘edit and pitch your novel’ course with a well known provider of writing training, but unfortunately I received zero feedback from the experts on any of my written work. … Read More FFS – For Feedback’s Sake!


Upcoming Famous and Fabulous Romance Authors

BlogAt the Romance Writers Conference last year (2017) I made four fabulous writing friends. Through sharing a taxi (and over several glasses of wine), I somehow inveigled myself into the group. So here we are in 2018, guest bloggers for Romance Writers of Australia, sharing our journey from newbies to…well wherever. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but for me the love story … Read More Upcoming Famous and Fabulous Romance Authors

Who’d be an author?

BlogAs a teacher, I know and appreciate the value of feedback. It can make or break a student. For students to make progress, to stay engaged, to feel inspired, feedback is vital and it has to be timely, meaningful and constructive. As someone ex-army I know that feedback can get a little shouty but it’s the sort of predictably, abusive commentary that keeps you … Read More Who’d be an author?