Past the Shallows by Favel ParrettPast the Shallows is a haunting story about family bonds: with only memories of their mother, three brothers, Joe, Miles and Harry, are left to fend for themselves, living with a father who is unpredictable, often drunk and unsympathetic. Life for Miles and Harry, in a remote community on the... Continue Reading →

Wimmera by Mark Brandi Fab and Ben are best friends, living in a small rural town, Wimmera, Australia. This tightly written story pulsated with tension from start to finish. It's written in two parts - the boys' childhood and when they are adults. Brandi brilliantly captures the awkwardness, naivety, aspirations and loyalties of the two... Continue Reading →

Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall

'The sky was clear and blue forever that day. Clear and blue and so bright. Sunlight fell through the leaves, forming dark shadows and spots so blindingly white they forced me to look away.' With the opening words of Skylarking, Kate Mildenhall had me spellbound and I knew I was safe in the hands of... Continue Reading →

The Lace Weaver by Lauren Chater

Lauren Chater knows how to spin a great yarn... In her debut novel, The Lace Weaver, Lauren Chater brings us a fresh perspective of World War 2, as it was experienced in Estonia. The story of two women, Katarina and Lydia, is interwoven into a gripping tale about friendship and survival. With their lives shattered... Continue Reading →

The Strays by Emily Bitto

Recently, I was fortunate enough to experience the immense pleasure of participating in a writing workshop with Emily Bitto, courtesy of the Faber Allen and Unwin 'Write a Novel' course. Having read and been enthralled by her novel The Strays, you can imagine my excitement...and she didn't disappoint. In class we investigated, unravelled and played... Continue Reading →

The Choke by Sophie Laguna

Sophie Laguna is the highly acclaimed Australian author, who won the Miles Franklin award for her novel The Choke in 2015. She appears to be very comfortable in the limelight - not surprising really as she spent several years acting, before becoming an author. She talks lightly and eloquently of her writing craft. At a... Continue Reading →

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